Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I learn programming?

Firstly, women are still severely underrepresented in the tech industry. Secondly, it is fun! Yes, trust us! We are learning front-end programming which is HTML, CSS & JavaScript as well as the most important tools you need to get started. Front-end is the part of a website that is visible, so besides writing some code, it is very creative.

Which languages do the teachers speak?

Jahlela speaks English but the Coaches are talking Swiss-German.

What will I able to be programming after this week?

You will be able to understand and create your own website as well as have a broad understanding of the many words needed to understand correlations. You will know which programs to use for what, what tools are necessary and where to look up all the questions that might pop up later. Besides getting the basics of programming, you will also gain a great womens network.

What is front-end programming?

The front-end concerns everything that happens in the browser. All that you as a user see and interact with. HTML is a markup language to create webpages and it mostly concerns all text. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is all about styling the webpage. Here it is really starting to be fun. And then there is JavaScript, a programming language, that can be used to make things move on your page and create dynamic content. Don't freak out, if you don't understand this right now, we will go through it step by step!

What is the difference between programming and coding?

None! It sounds just confusing because in German we only use the word "programmieren" and not "kodieren".

Can I just come to learn programming, but not go surfing or do yoga?

Yes, but it would be a real pitty because the whole week is about finding a balance between studying and recreation. Just write that information in the application form or write an email.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you will get a Code Excursion Code Camp certificate. After this week you will see that more important than the certificate will be the hands-on projects you create.

What is included in the ticket price?

Almost everything! About 30 hours of "learning about tech" course, daily yoga and the accomodation in a double room in a tree house with shared bathrooms, all breakfasts & lunches and 3 dinners.The only thing you have to organise yourself is the flight & transportation. Some drinks & dinners are excluded, because you might want to stay at the beach after a wonderful surfing afternoon and enjoy a drink & dinner at the beach bar.

Can my company pay for my ticket?

Yes, of course! We can send you a receipt for the course or they can buy the ticket directly.

Can I get my money back, if I change my mind?

Unfortunately not. As we have to make downpayments ourselves, it is not possible. However, you can sell your ticket to someone else until 30 days before the event.

Is there an age limit?

You have to be 18 years old to buy a ticket.